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It’s Time for Clinical Navigation-as-a-Service

Posted by Teresa O'Keefe

The term “Software-as-a-Service” popularized the use of …as-a-Service. It went beyond describing the “Intel-inside” – the technology, but also implied services wrapped around technology - the human element of managing the software – backing it up, applying system updates, troubleshooting and fixing bugs, etc.

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Topics: Quality Transparency, value based care, medicare star ratings, improve Star ratings, physician referrals, access to healthcare, doctor referrals, second opinion services

Reach for the STARS: How to Fix 5 Reasons Members Get Frustrated.

Posted by Steve Marin

1 minute read

Medicare Advantage is a large growth area where revenue opportunity abounds. Wondering what may be keeping your organization from achieving success with Medicare Advantage STAR ratings? It’s your member experience, starting with how your members access quality healthcare.

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Topics: Healthcare Access, Quality Transparency, value based care, healthcare quality, medicare star ratings, medicare advantage, access to quality healthcare, improve Star ratings

The Honorable David J. Shulkin, MD, Continues to Drive Innovation in Healthcare Quality

Posted by Susan Torroella

1 minute read

Dr. David Shulkin began sharing his skills and talents with our team recently. One of many fascinating facts that surfaced about him is that he started a company more than 20 years ago called DoctorQuality with the mission of doing virtually the same thing that we are – defining quality at the provider level to facilitate value-based care (VBC).
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Topics: Healthcare Access, Quality Transparency, value based care, healthcare quality

Emotional (Rescue) AI

Posted by Teresa O'Keefe

3 minute read

Can Emotional AI rescue us from the imminent invasion of zombie bots!?

Every time I have a hallway conversation with Bharath (we call him “SuperB”), I wish I had a recorder because nearly every exchange could be a blog post.  

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Topics: AI in Healthcare, Healthcare Access, Quality Transparency

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