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Ita Cremen

Ita Cremen

Ita Cremen is an analytical healthcare professional with a history of working in hospice, homecare, population and community-based health, and most recently, with ArmadaHealth as Implementation Director.

Ita is passionate about teams focused on innovation and delivery of quality and/or holistic health services to improve patient outcomes. She is experienced in program implementation and management, policy and procedure development, process improvement, healthcare operations, stakeholder management, and cross-functional team project management. Ita also commits a great deal of time to keeping up with current healthcare trends.

While working at Seasons Hospice in Maryland, Ita implemented and managed their Continuous Care and Palliative Care programs to provide critical care and symptom management to patients and families during their most difficult times. More recently in her roles with Maxim Healthcare, she assisted in the development, implementation, and management of innovative community and population health programs in conjunction with a local hospital system and national health plans. Through managing teams to mitigate barriers to care and deliver home-based healthcare services, Ita and her teams brought about significant reduction in hospital readmission rates and closed HEDIS gaps in care.

Ita is currently pursuing her M.B.A. in Healthcare Management and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Stevenson University.

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Closing the Quality Gap of TeleHealth

Posted by Ita Cremen

4 minute read

Working in the field of clinical navigation, I’m excited to see that Telehealth has grown exponentially in the last nine months and its purported effects on the healthcare system are positive. With the easing of regulations and expansion of coverage for telehealth services, physicians are now increasingly able to safely “visit” with their patients. Talk about a major win for a consumer-friendly, modern approach to delivering care!

As exciting as this news is to someone like me (having two small children), I’m in a quandary about how healthcare quality can be maintained in this new landscape when it’s been a significant endemic challenge to our healthcare system even prior to the pandemic.

As healthcare is being doled out, seemingly as a commodity through Telehealth, is there risk for even more misdiagnosis and sub-optimal treatment?

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Topics: Quality Transparency, healthcare quality, physician referrals, access to healthcare, doctor referrals, telehealth, telemedicine, virtual medicine

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