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It’s Time for Clinical Navigation-as-a-Service

Posted by Teresa O'Keefe
Teresa O'Keefe
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The term “Software-as-a-Service” popularized the use of …as-a-Service. It went beyond describing the “Intel-inside” – the technology, but also implied services wrapped around technology - the human element of managing the software – backing it up, applying system updates, troubleshooting and fixing bugs, etc.

Today, any organization, regardless of their size, no longer needs to house servers with software on them and have their employees maintain them. Furthermore, -aaS organizations have become so hyper-specialized in areas such that it doesn’t make economic sense for any organization that needs the functionality to continue investing in internal technology and people for services that will never be as good as the -aaS solution or cost less to manage internally. Smart organizations can outsource almost everything that isn't their core business, e.g. Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS), Mandated Compliance-as-a-service (CaaS) and now Clinical Navigation-as-a-Service (NaaS). 

Why would you want to outsource Clinical Navigation?

I’ll answer that with a simple true/false quiz:

True or False:

  • A recent study of health system websites to search for a physician based on a common condition in Endocrinology found that <17% of provider directories provided accurate classification of Endocrinologists such that a patient could self-navigate to the right provider.
  • CMS published a report in 2019 about Medicare Advantage Organization provider directories and found that 52% of locations listed on directories had one of the following errors: the provider no longer practiced there, the phone number was wrong or they were no longer accepting new patients when the provider directory said that they were.
  • 43,100 people (mostly clinicians) and counting have signed a petition to remove patient reviews from misleading and unverified online Find-a-Doc tools.

You see where I’m going…all of these are true. Getting Clinical Navigation right as a plan sponsor, health plan (especially Medicare Advantage vis a vis CAHPS!) or a member-facing advocacy firm, is critical to your success, the outcomes of your employees/members and the Total Cost of Care.

We created the idea of Clinical NaaS because our entire High Tech, Right Touch® solution, with a consistent NPS of 86, can be easily embedded into your ecosystem, enabling you to provide consistent access to high quality care for all of your members. Download our e-book with a link to a narrated demo of QualityCare Navigatorsm solution's Agent Portal.

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