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Navigating a Cataract Diagnosis with QualityCare Connect

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I had had two eye surgeries prior to developing a cataract. I was living in a small town and was told by my optometrist during a routine eye exam about the cataract. He stated I would need an eye surgeon who was extremely skilled to operate on that eye. I had no confidence in the two doctors I consulted locally who did not seem qualified.

I remembered that I had QualityCare Connect and two hours later was given three well-qualified eye surgeons within 60 miles from home. I was very happy with the results and have perfect vision now. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for some of my friends who had their eyes done locally. I am very grateful."

– Roberta A., QualityCare Connect Member

Roberta needed expert clinical navigation to help her find a qualified doctor she can trust.

Roberta’s diagnosis:

Roberta has a cataract that requires surgery performed by a skilled surgeon.

Roberta requires a specialist, QualityCare Connect starts the search for an:

Board-certified Ophthalmologist with experience in cataract surgery.

Roberta’s preferences:

Top quality ophthalmologist, within an hour of her home.

Roberta selects a specialist:

Roberta receives information on two qualified ophthalmologists close to her home that are currently accepting patients and take her insurance.

Roberta’s outcome:

Roberta now has near perfect vision, no pain, irritations or side effects after 60 days, and Roberta avoided the fate of a botched surgery from an inexperienced doctor.

Topics: Quality Transparency, access to quality healthcare, physician referrals, access to healthcare, specialty care, second opinion services

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