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When Denial of the Problem Turns Deadly (Part 3: The Solution)

Posted by Susan Torroella
Susan Torroella
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A Crisis in Healthcare Access

(Part 3 of a 3-part series)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this post, I described a fundamental problem we have in accessing quality healthcare: finding the right doctor and its impact on the quadruple aim of our healthcare system.

We believe we are on the best pathway to a solution. We’ve thought long and hard about the problem with some of the best minds in healthcare innovation, data science and clinical practice. Finally, there is a way to provide informed, quality choices of objectively matched providers precisely tailored to consumers’ needs and providers’ expertise. Central to this solution is a set of provider recommendations supported by validated data and facilitation of convenient access to the right care, within the consumer’s coverage. Time and money are saved, the experience feels good, and most importantly, outcomes are improved. Wrapped in a warm layer of empathetic support and advocacy, this program is easy to put in place, highly scalable and cost effective.

This manifesto is a call out to the industry. We are asking all participants in the healthcare ecosystem to accept that we (all of us!) have a problem and insist on a better way. We invite you to work with us to see how our solution benefits you or the populations that you impact.

Consumers get access to objective advice to find the right care. Employers gain objective navigation and recommendation services for their employees and their families, increasing productivity and saving money. Third-party administrators, benefit plan consultants, care management organizations, and population health providers turbocharge their current advocacy offerings by embedding a quality-based recommendation platform. Insurers will enhance quality initiatives by adopting informed and intelligent recommendation services for their members. Health systems and providers can leverage programs that facilitate objective referrals that match physicians with their ideal patient profiles where patients are informed and prepared for their appointments.

If you manage or influence the healthcare delivery for populations of consumers, we invite you to work with us and see how we can improve healthcare together. Please come and visit us. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through ArmadaHealth’s door is our mission’s value promise: we measure our success by the number of people we help. As I write, we are hard at work fueling and scaling a platform that leverages data science to render objectivity and evidenced-based algorithms to match healthcare providers with tens of millions of consumers.

We’re all paying too much for coverage and care driven by inefficiencies in the US healthcare system. One way we can all start to reverse this deadly trend is by demanding objective, informed access to care - today. Everyone’s health is at risk, including yours and your family.  


What You Can Do About The Access Problem Now

 For more information, download our Solving Healthcare's Black Box Referral Problem eBook

Interested in objective, quality doctor recommendations for yourself and/or your family? Enroll now in QualityCare Connect and get peace of mind.

ArmadaHealth has no legal or financial relationship with the physicians we recommend.


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