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Making the Most of Your Telehealth Visit

Posted by Kathy Sullivan
Kathy Sullivan
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Your QualityCare Connect Care Navigators always consider your preferences and call each doctor's office before recommending them to make sure they take your insurance, are accepting new patients and fit your specific needs. Now we ask physicians' offices if they support Telehealth for first and subsequents visits.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Modern technology has enabled doctors to consult with patients by using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your telehealth visit:

  • Confirm that you have a strong internet/Wi-Fi connection. You will want to be sure you’re in a spot in your house with a good connection in order to avoid disruption during your appointment.
  • Preview camera lighting and sound. Make sure the lighting will show your entire face and/or body part(s) that need to be addressed. Good lighting contributes to a productive visit and a quiet place ensures that you won’t be interrupted.
  • Choose your device wisely. Depending on the type of visit needed, you may have to manipulate the camera and/or your body, accordingly. Decide whether a cell phone or laptop would be more appropriate for your visit.
  • Consider whether you may need assistance during your appointment. Depending on the body part/location of what needs to be assessed, you may want to have another person with you during the visit (in case the camera needs to be moved or manipulated). If you can’t have someone with you, it may be helpful to have a photo of the area under assessment in advance.
  • Show up ahead of time. Sometimes a doctor’s office may ask you to arrive early in order to set up the technology necessary for your appointment. Be sure to allot extra time as if you were checking in at your doctor’s office.
  • Inquire about the technology requirements. Be sure to ask ahead of time what type of software you need to download for your appointment (i.e. Teladoc, MeMD, DocSeeMe, etc.). Different medical facilities will use different video telemedicine platforms that are HIPAA compliant. Be sure to verify which platform your doctor’s office uses and install it before your appointment.
  • Download our New Doctor Checklist here to make sure you have your health information available to share with your doctor during your appointment.



Although we do not recommend physicians for COVID-related symptoms, we are here for you when you have other specialty care needs.

To access your QualityCare Connect benefit, visit armadahealth.com to login to your member site or contact us at support@armadahealth.com for inquiries.


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